How can Ashwagandha be used for weight loss?

Ashwagandha has many different effects on the body that can contribute to weight loss. Here's how:

Boosts the Immune System


Boosts the Immune System

Infectious diseases can occur at a disproportionate rate. When someone has a weak immune system it affects the body and its ability to protect against infection. We have little to spare to accelerate the fat-burning process. This is where ashwagandha comes into play. Ashwagandha has effective ways for strengthening the immune system and helping the body to return energy during weight loss. From a brain chemistry perspective, ashwagandha boosts serotonin levels. Serotonin is one of your happy hormones - low levels of serotonin are linked with depression, which can cause binge eating, overeating, or stress-eating.

Amazing Stress Buster


Amazing Stress Buster

Several causes are associated with increased body weight, including chronic stress, and are also linked with elevated cortisol levels. Elevated cortisol levels can lead to heightened hunger, which makes you binge eat more frequently. Cortisol is released when your body thinks it's under chronic stress, and if this happens too much or for prolonged periods of time, you may notice weight gain. Ashwagandha promotes the lowering of cortisol levels , which in turn reduce stress levels in the bloodstream. Lowering hunger means lowering calorie intake which is directly helpful in reducing weight. To check how much stress you're currently under, check out the official perceived stress scale (PSS) to find your PSS score.

Energy Booster for Workouts


Energy Booster for Workouts

Ashwagandha contains ashwagandholine alkaloids which increase your energy levels. Increased energy means you can work out harder and for longer periods of time, making ashwagandha a supplement that's useful before workouts.

Improves Seep Quality


Improves Seep Quality

Increasing stress may cause insomnia and an unstable sleep pattern. Ashwagandha reduces anxiety , and decreases oxidative stress hormone levels, thereby promoting restful sleep. Sleeping in a poor state can increase a person's stress levels as it causes hormonal imbalances, resulting in weight gain.

Ashwagandha Balances Hormones


Ashwagandha Balances Hormones

Hyperthyroidism reduces thyroid hormone production. This hormone affects the BMR (Basal Metabolism Rate) directly. Low thyroid hormones mean lower BMR and thus weight gain. One study showed that taking 600 mg daily for 8-week-long daily doses of Ashwagandha helped improve thyroid function in women. Additionally, ashwagandha boosts testosterone levels. Low testosterone is linked to obesity and low energy levels. ashwagandha's positive impact on testosterone levels is key in weight loss and will play a significant role in ashwagandha's further use as an obesity treatment.

Enhances Metabolism & Accelerating Weight Loss


Enhances Metabolism & Accelerating Weight Loss

Ashwagandha contains antioxidants and is a vital component of reducing inflammation as well as stimulating cellular metabolism. This causes you to burn excess body fat which causes you to lose weight. Additionally, ashwagandha enhances blood circulation. When better flow is achieved throughout the body, cells are nourished more effectively and waste products are carried out more efficiently. Allowing your cells to function at their best ensures that metabolizing fat is an easy process. Finally, ashwagandha has antioxidant properties, meaning it helps combat free radicals that damage healthy cells and play a role in weight gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha supplements can come in different forms, like ashwagandha powder and ashwagandha tablets and capsules, which are readily available in health stores and online shops. There is a wide range of ashwagandha brands available in the market but if you're looking for a standardization then look no further than KSM-66 ashwagandha.

What dosage should I take of ashwagandha for weight loss?

KSM-66 ashwagandha is the most clinically studied ashwagandha supplement available in the market today. Most ashwagandha supplements are standardized 5% withanolides extracts - the key component in ashwagandha responsible for its many health benefits. Dosage recommendations vary by product so it's best to read label instructions or consult your doctor if you have any serious health concerns. For people looking to take ashwagandha as a lifestyle supplement, 300 mg is usually recommended twice a day.

KSM-66 has been independently tested to be 6% withanolides - the key active compounds in ashwagandha which have been scientifically proven to provide all the benefits associated with this herb. As an added bonus, KSM-66 ashwagandha contains a full spectrum of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals - making ashwagandha supplements like ashwagandha powder and ashwagandha capsules more effective.

What are the side effects of taking ashwagandha?

There haven't been any fatal and serious side effects from prolonged ashwagandha consumption. The side effects of the herb vary between individuals, and the patient should consult their health care professional before using this herb. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid ashwagandha unless their doctor approves.

What supplements should I stack ashwagandha with?

If you've tried everything for your weight gain, supplement ashwagandha with another supplement. A great way to do this is by using ashwagandha powder and raspberry ketones together in the same supplement. Raspberry ketones are natural phenolic compounds that give raspberries their scent. A study showed that raspberry ketone helped prevent obesity in mice by increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis. Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter that plays a part in regulating metabolism. The mice were fed a high-fat diet, but those who received the raspberry ketone supplement saw greater weight loss than those who didn't. This study showed that ashwagandha and raspberry ketones work synergistically for weight loss!

Another great ashwagandha stack to consider is ashwagandha and green tea extract. Green tea has been known to be an exceptional fat burner because it possesses catechins , which have been shown to increase your body's ability to burn fat. A study confirmed these findings, showing that participants who took decaffeinated green tea extracts lost more weight than placebo users. It also showed that taking green tea extracts may boost your metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout the day. Green tea also contains caffeine, which can help reduce appetite and increase energy levels - therefore aiding weight loss efforts. Caffeine found in ashwagandha supplements can further boost these effects!

If ashwagandha isn't right for me, what are some alternatives?

Garcinia cambogia has been shown to have effective weight loss properties. It helps suppress appetite, increase serotonin levels and boost energy levels. Garcinia cambogia supplements are great to take in conjunction with ashwagandha for faster results.

Matcha green tea is another natural antioxidant that may help you lose fat. Matcha green tea powder contains 137 times the amount of EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate: a unique plant compound) compared to regular brewed green tea. EGCG has been shown to increase metabolism, reduce blood sugar levels and fight belly fat! There are many other dietary changes you can make to speed up your weight loss efforts even further - stress management is one of the most important! Try ashwagandha and all these top supplements today and you're guaranteed to see a difference in just a few weeks.

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