Fact-Checking Policy

At Awesome Coffee, we strive for accuracy and apply a rigorous vetting process to every article on the site. We care about being clear and precise with words, headlines, and URLs.

Awesome Coffee writers must verify the information they gather and write at all times. Writers do their own fact-checking using their judgment and information written in our Editorial Integrity policy. Before the writing process begins, we verify sources and always dig down to the original (and reference material if applicable). We do not post clickbait, and our headlines might be bold - but we don't throw out broad statements haphazardly. It has to be accurate and fact-checked.

Depending upon the topic's nature and complexity, other editorial staff members may contribute additional research and changes to the writers' work, and the final product will pass through the hands of our editors. Any piece that is not deemed up to our standards by one or more editors is subject to further revision and review before being released for publication.

The Awesome Coffee team consists of writers from diverse backgrounds in all facets of the health and wellness industry brought together by a passion for all things health and wellness and to provide the best and most engaging content possible for visitors to our site.

Our writers and editors make sure every new article has the latest info, the most accurate info, and all relevant details.