Two of the most common ingredients found in every household are coffee & lemon. But are coffee and lemon good for weight loss? A recent trend floating around is combining coffee and lemon for weight loss- adding 1 spoon of lemon juice to 1 cup of coffee.

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages. A study showed that around 75% of Americans drink coffee daily mainly due to its caffeine content to increase alertness. In this article, we will talk about what lemon coffee is, how it benefits us and the right time and way to drink lemon coffee.

Why are Coffee & Lemon Good for Weight Loss?

Why are Coffee & Lemon Good for Weight Loss? Why are Coffee & Lemon Good for Weight Loss?

Coffee and lemon are both associated with weight loss and improved metabolism.

Caffeine, the main ingredient in coffee, can increase your body’s metabolism and reduce body fat. It also contains antioxidants that aid in weight loss. Lemon is a good source of Vitamin C, which in one study found can help you burn more fat during moderate excercise.

With both ingredients doing wonders separately, what if the benefits are manifold when the ingredients are combined together? Drinking lemon coffee can add a flavourful taste to your coffee, be refreshing, and also assist in weight loss.

While there is limited research on combining coffee and lemon for weight loss, both individual ingredients provide various benefits. Here are a few reasons why lemon coffee could be a refreshing beverage choice:

Increase Your Body’s Metabolism

Increase Your Body’s Metabolism

We cannot stress enough on how caffeine can increase metabolism. Lemons also contain antioxidants and detoxifying elements that promote good digestion. Thus, when combined together, lemon coffee can increase body metabolism and promote its capability to lose weight.


Lower Your Appetite

An easy way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories and reduce your hunger pangs. Lemon coffee may act as an appetite suppressant by keeping you full for a long time. This will reduce your calorie intake, and eventually prevent you from gaining weight.

 Lower Your Appetite
Improve Digestion

Improve Digestion

The citric acid present in lemon can enhance digestion and provide healthy bowel movements. With improved digestion, you can get rid of unnecessary bloating and eventually aid in weight loss.


Eases Headaches

Headache is one of the most common problems in people of all ages, and one way to alleviate headaches is with coffee. Drinking lemon coffee may cure your headache as it gives a soothing effect on your brain and also helps you relax after a tiring day at work.

Eases Headaches

All in all, combining lemon juice to coffee for weight loss seems to be a reliable option and holds multiple benefits, however, we need more claims and research to prove these specific benefits of lemon coffee.

What Kind of Coffee and How Much?

You may consider adding 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to the coffee of your choice. It can be espresso, latte or cappuccino. It might benefit more if you add lemon juice to your daily dose of protein coffee; as it combines all nutrients into one drink.

However, there is no fixed type of coffee to combine lemon juice, so you may turn on your experimental hat and make your own recipe that suits you the best.

How to Mix Coffee with Lemon Juice?

Mixing coffee and lemon

Mixing coffee and lemon for weight loss can be a healthy way to enjoy your favorite beverage. Here’s how we recommend you make refreshing lemon coffee. You can note down the instruction below:

  • Take some coffee beans and brew your coffee.

  • Squeeze half a slice of lemon into a cup.

  • Pour the brewed coffee into the cup and give it a good stir.

Once mixed properly, enjoy your hot cup of lemon coffee! But be careful while adding lemon to milk coffee as lemon can curdle the milk. You may also add honey or a natural sweetener instead of sugar for some added health benefits.

Combining lemon and coffee adds a flavourful taste to your plain coffee, and makes it more enjoyable as a beverage.

When to Drink it?

All coffee drinkers know that there is no particular time to drink coffee. It varies on your preference and lifestyle, and the same is for lemon coffee.

If you are a morning coffee drinker, then adding lemon to your coffee can rejuvenate you and give a refreshing start to the day. Plus, it can also boost your energy levels and keep you productive throughout the day.

If you get tired by midday and need a quick energy boost for the remaining day, then the afternoon is the best time to have lemon coffee.

Some people may prefer drinking lemon coffee after a meal as it aids in digestion and also reduces bloating.

In this case, you need to wait for some time after your meal so that the caffeine intake does not interfere with the meal’s nutrients.

Plus, you can also drink coffee while intermittent fasting.

With all these time options available, you may choose the best time to drink lemon coffee according to your schedule and enjoy your drink with ease.

How Effective is it for Losing Weight?

How Effective is it for Losing Weight?

There have been many claims circulating online about the benefits of coffee and lemon for losing weight, but there is still very limited research and findings to claim anything. We do have separate findings for both the ingredients and their ability to promote weight loss.

Research conducted by the University of Nottingham shows that caffeine activates brown fat in the human body. Brown fat produces and releases energy as heat from the body, instead of storing it as fat inside. The caffeine content in coffee activates the brown fat to metabolize glucose and others, thereby aiding in weight loss.

A 2015 research examined the effects of lemon water detox on body composition in overweight Korean women and saw significant reductions in body weight within 7 days of lemon water consumption.

Both these studies are promising and show a significant impact of coffee and lemon. However, we need more research to determine the combined benefits of both ingredients before incorporating them into our regular diet.

Other Benefits of Lemon Coffee

Apart from weight loss, here are a few additional benefits of lemon in coffee. Lemon coffee’s antioxidants can improve blood flow and give a glowing feel to your skin.

Vitamin C releases collagen that reduces skin damage and provides strength to your skin, thus giving it a clean and refreshing feel.

Coffee and lemon also complement your body’s water intake and keep you hydrated for long hours. Both provide a natural energy boost. Caffeine helps in improving your focus and concentration, while Vitamin C helps in stimulating body energy; thereby keeping you refreshed and active throughout the day.

Both are good sources of antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals and stress and keep you in good health. These antioxidants also lower the risk of chronic heart diseases, thereby keeping you protected.



All in all, we can safely conclude that this combination provide umpteen health benefits, however, there’s no clear evidence to support the trending claims of combining coffee and lemon for weight loss. While lemon coffee seems to have potential benefits, it is important to consume it in moderation or to consult a dietician before adding it to your diet.

Otherwise, coffee and lemon hold various healthcare benefits and can be consumed separately.

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