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Nupur Choudhary

Food Technologist and Nutritionist

Nupur Choudhary is a versatile professional, merging her expertise in Food Technology and Nutrition with a fervor for health and wellness writing. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Foods and Nutrition (Honors) from Maharaja Saiyaji Rao University of Baroda and a Master's in Nutrition and Food Processing from SNDT University, renowned for health and wellness education.

She has also successfully written and presented her thesis titled- 'Key Factors of the Acceptance of Plant-based Meat Substitutes among Indian Youth' wherein she did survey-based research on 150 respondents on their understanding and interest in the consumption of plant-based meat analogs.

Nupur's portfolio spans diverse health and wellness content projects, where she distills complex information into accessible insights, empowering readers to make informed choices for their well-being. Beyond writing, she's a marketing whiz in the health niche, connecting with audiences and inspiring positive change.