Did you know that ashwagandha has a number of proven physical and mental health benefits for men? You may have heard about how powerful ashwagandha can be when it comes to boosting testosterone production, but it also has a host of other health benefits. In this article, we'll dive deeper into ashwagandha supplements, and take a closer look at the many health benefits for men.

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What is Ashwagandha?

What is Ashwagandha What is Ashwagandha

One of the staples of Indian ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha, is a small evergreen shrub that grows in India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. When broken down in Sanskrit, the term comes from ‘ashva’ meaning ‘horse’ and ‘gandha’ meaning ‘smell’ and is known to provide the strength and power of a horse.

Also known as ‘Withania somnifera,’ winter cherry, and Indian ginseng, ashwagandha has been used as a medicinal herb and is known to provide numerous benefits to your brain and body. While practitioners use different parts of the herb, the most common form is the ashwagandha root extract.

Modern medicine describes ashwagandha as an adaptogen, meaning it helps your body adapt to and manage your stress hormone. It is available in capsules and powder forms for human intake.

Ashwagandha is a herb that has a number of proven benefits for men, including helping to increase testosterone levels. Ashwagandha is also known for its other health benefits, which include reducing stress and anxiety, improving cognitive function, gaining muscle mass, and helping to improve overall energy levels.

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Benefits of Ashwagandha for Men

There are many health benefits of ashwagandha, and there are quite a few that stand out. Benefits such as the ability to reduce stress and promote restful sleep, manage blood pressure levels, and promote a healthy hormone balance in the body make this an important herb for everyone's long-term health. As we will see below, all of these effects work together to enhance the quality of life across the board.

Benefits of Ashwagandha for Men Benefits of Ashwagandha for Men

Increases testosterone levels

One of the most well-known ashwagandha benefits for men is its ability to increase testosterone levels. In fact, one study showed that ashwagandha could be used as an alternate therapy instead of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in increasing testosterone levels. It may also help in avoiding erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Improves fertility

Ashwagandha can also help improve fertility in men. In Ayurvedic history, ashwagandha is known as an aphrodisiac and can treat erectile dysfunction and infertility in men. It has the ability to stimulate testosterone production. This forms one of the most critical ashwagandha benefits for men and provides a healthy sexual life. In one of the recent studies, it was found that ashwagandha can help in improving the sperm count in men by 167% and also improve their sperm quality. It assists men with their reproductive hormone levels and is known for it's hormonal and vitality effects.

Improves fertility Improves fertility
Reduces stress and anxietyReduces stress and anxiety

Reduces stress and anxiety

Benefits such as reducing anxiety, stress, and depression make this one of the premier herbs for balancing hormones, reducing inflammation, and promoting a healthy state of mind. Ashwagandha supplements help promote a sense of calmness while not producing a "nervous" or "edgy" feeling after taking ashwagandha. It helps to calm the mind and promotes a sense of peace and relaxation. Ashwagandha promotes a relaxed state similar to meditation or for some, yoga. It is like nature’s answer to Xanax without any side effects. Benefits such as reducing cortisol levels (which cause stress), increasing serotonin levels (which promote feelings of well-being), and reducing the enzyme monoamine oxidase which helps to maintain a healthy state of mind. Ultimately, ashwagandha is good for the thyroid as well!

Promotes restful sleep

A sound sleep is essential for healthy living. If you often face insomnia or sleeping disorders, ashwagandha can be your cure for this. Ashwagandha is known for its rejuvenating properties and supports healthy sleep. It nourishes the adrenal glands and influences the body’s sleep patterns. One of the recent clinical studies confirmed that ashwagandha root extracts could also improve the quality of sleep and help in managing insomnia. You can also add a pinch of ashwagandha powder to warm milk and drink it before sleeping. Taking ashwagandha can help you unwind and sleep better, and improve your mental acuity.

Promotes restful sleep Promotes restful sleep
Supports Muscle Glycogen Replenishment Improves cardiovascular health

Improves cardiovascular health

Ashwagandha can also help improve cardiovascular health in men. One study showed that ashwagandha reduced bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels while also increasing good cholesterol levels. Heart health and blood pressure are the most-asked-about wellness concerns, and people are increasingly looking for natural ways to support their health. A 2015 study reported that ashwagandha could enhance a person’s cardiorespiratory endurance and improve heart health. Ashwagandha provides antioxidant support to the heart, thereby keeping it free from radicals in the blood and eventually offering benefits like adequate blood pressure, reducing cholesterol. It also provides anti-inflammatory benefits that aid in healthy heart functioning. Thus, including ashwagandha in your diet can help maintain a healthy heart and lower your blood pressure.

Improves energy levels

Ashwagandha benefits men by boosting energy levels. This includes the ability to increase stamina when exercising through an increase in oxygen capacity while also providing a much more stable form of energy that will not wear down your adrenals over time.You can also combine ashwagandha and caffeine prior to your workout for some amazing benefits.

Improves energy levels Improves energy levels
Promotes Sexual Health Promotes Sexual Health

Promotes Sexual Health

Benefits such as promoting a healthy sex drive, function, and maintaining a healthy sperm count make this one of the top supplements for men concerned about their general health.

Reduces inflammation

Benefits such as improving digestive health, reducing inflammation in the body, and protecting healthy cells are common benefits of ashwagandha. While this herb has been shown to work on its own for many people, it can be combined with turmeric for a full anti-inflammatory combination.

Reduces inflammation Reduces inflammation
Aids in weight loss Aids in weight loss

Aids in weight loss

For people who are constantly worried about gaining weight, ashwagandha can aid in weight loss process. It is rich in antioxidants and can improve your body's metabolism that helps in burning your body fat. It also improves your body’s digestive system, which further helps in burning fat. Further, ashwagandha also helps in reducing your body’s stress-related cortisol levels that are linked to weight loss. One of the prime benefits to ashwagandha is helping manage stress. Since the ashwagandha root extract exerts antistress activity, it results in reduced food cravings and better eating behaviors! You can consume ashwagandha in capsule or powdered form and help in improving your metabolism and digestion, thereby aiding in weight loss.

Lowers blood sugar levels

Studies show promise that ashwagandha may help lower blood sugar levels, especially in individuals with diabetes, proving the effectiveness of ashwagandha supplementation.

Lowers blood sugar levels Lowers blood sugar levels
Help improve overall mental health and well-being Help improve overall mental health and well-being

Help improve overall mental health and well-being

Benefits such as protecting against free radical damage and oxidative stress make this one of the best natural supplements available for preventing premature aging. It is known to increase immunity and boost your health. Additionally, The amino acids found in ashwagandha work together with other benefits like balancing blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, boosting energy production, and more to help optimize every aspect of your health. Through these mechanisms ashwagandha also helps balance testosterone levels in men while promoting estrogen production in women. This helps create a healthy balance between the genders as well as ensure that your body is running smoothly on all cylinders.

Helps improve joint health and mobility

Benefits such as reducing pain from arthritis and other joint-related ailments make this one of the top natural supplements available to give you more mobility and flexibility without any side effects.Ashwagandha helps relieve pain and inflammation in the body.

Helps improve joint health and mobility Helps improve joint health and mobility
Help improve overall mental health and well-being Help improve overall mental health and well-being

Help improve overall mental health and well-being

Taking limited doses of ashwagandha in your diet can improve your muscle strength. It can increase the power output in men and increase their stamina. For untrained men performing resistance training, consuming ashwagandha root powder can support muscle strength. Research shows that healthy men who took 750-1250 mg of ashwagandha powder gained muscle strength within 30 days only. It also produces creatinine kinase, which reduces the natural damage of muscle strength from workouts and exercises.

When to use it?

Precautions to Lookout for

There is no particular time recommended to take ashwagandha. You can take it anytime during the day or night, depending on your goals and needs. If you are taking ashwagandha as a part of your regular routine to boost your health and immunity, and overcome laziness, then mornings are the best time. You can take the supplements after breakfast or include a spoonful of its powder in your smoothie or drink.

However, if you are taking ashwagandha to promote sleep, you should take it at night before hitting the sack. Taking ashwagandha at night can help you relax and unwind after a hectic day. Hence, it is important first to understand your goals for taking ashwagandha and then choose the time that suits you.

How Should Men Use Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha extract can be taken orally as a tablet or in it's powder form. Knowing how many ashwagandha benefits for men there are, men can use it any time of day when feeling tired, and need the energy to carry on with daily tasks. It will help in providing you with mental clarity and improve cognitive functions without causing any negative impact on your physical health.

The standardized dosage have been researched by several organizations across the world and they recommend three grams to five grams of KSM-66 extract for adults every day. The dosage may vary depending on your health condition and the purpose you want to achieve through its use. However, always go according to what has been recommended by your doctor or mentioned on the label of the product that you buy.

Important Healthy Tips

Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant that can increase mental clarity and lessen symptoms of exhaustion.

  • Make sure to consult with your physician before taking ashwagandha to ensure that it does not interact adversely with any medications you are currently taking.
  • Take ashwagandha supplement in capsule form, or mix it with a liquid and drink it. The recommended dosage is typically 300 mg daily, taken in two divided doses.
  • To maximize the benefits of ashwagandha for men, start by gradually increasing the dosage over time until you reach the optimal amount for your body. In general, ashwagandha should start working within a month of its regular use.
  • Generally speaking, pregnant or breastfeeding women should stay away from it. Additionally, if you have a medical condition like diabetes or heart disease, please consult your doctor before taking ashwagandha.
  • Studies show that ashwagandha is safe, however more long-term research specifically designed to evaluate it’s safety is needed. It has been used all over the world for its nootropic benefits.
  • The half-life of ashwagandha is between 5 to 6 hours. It is quickly absorbed in your body and gets eliminated within a few hours from your system. So, the time period depends on how frequently you are taking it daily.



As you can see, ashwagandha is an incredibly powerful herb with a multitude of benefits for men and their health and well being. From improving your sexual health to reducing stress and anxiety, to muscle mass and strength, try incorporating ashwagandha into your daily routine, and feel the difference it makes!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ashwagandha do for males?

Ashwagandha is known for its many benefits for men, including increasing testosterone levels, improving fertility, reducing stress and anxiety, improving cardiovascular health, boosting energy levels, and improving cognitive function. Additionally, ashwagandha can help relieve pain and inflammation in the body and lower blood sugar levels. It is important to consult with your doctor before taking ashwagandha to ensure that it does not interact adversely with any medications you are currently taking.

Does ashwagandha help in bed?

Ashwagandha is an herbal aphrodisiaque that is often used to boost sexual desire. Ashwagandha can help increase testosterone levels and increase the fertility rate in male. In one study, participants taking the herb also experienced a 15% increase in testosterone compared to placebo.

When should men take ashwagandha?

Depending on what outcome you're looking for, you can take ashwagandha anytime during the day or night. If you'd like to gain energy, or looking for muscle strength and size, you can take it anytime during the day. Since ashwagandha also promotes sleep, you can take it prior to bedtime to wind down, as one of it's main benefits is relaxation, reduction of stress and anxiety.

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