11 Practical Ways to Overcome Laziness (& Get Work Done)

11 Practical Ways to Overcome Laziness (& Get Work Done)

11 Practical Ways to Overcome Laziness (& Get Work Done)

Do you sometimes feel like sitting idle and doing nothing? Do you often procrastinate and postpone your work? Well, that’s the world of laziness for you. Laziness is the desire to be idle and do nothing, and let things stay the way they are. Sometimes, you might enjoy being lazy- on a cold winter morning or after working hard for the day, but this should not become a regular affair. 

Laziness can lead to multiple side effects in your life and take a toll on your productivity. Hence, it is important to overcome laziness in order to achieve success in your life. You need to resist it, combat it and get over it. Before proceeding on how to overcome laziness, we have listed down the effects of laziness. 

Effects of Laziness

Laziness can affect you in a lot of ways-

  • Hampers your creativity: When you are lazy, you simply want to sit idle and do nothing. This affects your mind and brings your thinking capacity to a halt. With a pause in your thinking, you tend to lose out on your creativity. You reduce your ability to process new information because your mind gets rusted with old information.
  • Adverse effects on health: Laziness makes you physically inactive and creates an adverse impact on your health. With no physical activity, your muscles and bones become stiff and do not get the adequate space to grow. It often leads to health problems at a young age. With poor physical health, your mental health also starts to slow down, thereby hampering your overall health.
  • Lowers your ambition: Laziness usually makes you carefree and less bothered about the things going on in your life. You may only think about your goals, but you hardly do anything to work towards achieving them. When laziness becomes highly addictive, it restricts your options for work and other opportunities. It thereby limits your advancements and ambitions. 
  • Makes you neglectful of others: Laziness makes you neglectful of other people in your life. With your laziness tying you down, you do not get time to interact with people. This makes them avoid you, and you may end up separating themselves from your life. This will lead to loneliness, which can thereby lead to depression and negativity in your life.
  • Reduces your productive time: When you become lazy, most of your time is spent in vain. You fail to spend your time productively and lose out on the precious time available in hand. With laziness, you become like a butcher going through the stress of killing an animal but then leaves the carcass to rot. Moreover, laziness can also become one of the major causes of procrastination and create a delay in your work. Hence, you waste your time in sitting lazily and reduce your productive time.  

When you feel lazy, it is important to remind yourself about its adverse impacts and take a set back from laziness. Do not let your laziness overpower and control you so that you do not become a victim of its adverse effects.

Do you feel lazy in the morning?

You might be surprised to see that sitting around doing nothing can make you more tired. This is precisely what laziness does to your body and brain. When laziness becomes a part of your daily routine, you start living a sedentary lifestyle with very little plans and ambitions for life. This lack of purpose adds up to your laziness.

When you wake up in the morning, you would not really have a set goal for the day. If you have an aimless day to look forward to, you will always wake up feeling lazy in the morning. Additionally, an unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to morning laziness. Hence, it is vital to follow a healthy morning routine with balanced sleeping habits to make the most of your day, and avoid feeling lazy in the mornings.  

Are you also feeling unmotivated?

More than anything, laziness often makes you feel unmotivated. How many times have you created your life goals but failed to achieve them because you weren’t motivated enough? You end up cancelling your plans or check off your to-do list because you lack the motivation for it. Unmotivated individuals have a pessimistic view on life and think negatively about their chances of achieving success. They often see the bad side of anything, which makes them lazy to even get up and start working towards achieving their goals.

You might also feel unmotivated when you set unrealistic goals and plan to do everything at once. It is always advisable to plan your goals wisely with a realistic understanding of your current situation and resources and align them with your future plan. With these considerations in mind, you will be able to motivate yourself and get rid of laziness.

Wondering how to stop being lazy and unmotivated every now and then? Let us look at 12 effective ways on how you can reverse the trend and stop being lazy.

11 Ways to Overcome Laziness

1) Break down bigger tasks into smaller tasks

Most often, you avoid your tasks because you find them too big and complicated. You may be scared to think that you would not finish it. When your work tasks are too big and time taking, it will help to break them down into smaller tasks. Instead of having one big task, you can create a series of small tasks that are needed to complete the bigger task. This can solve your problem of laziness because these small tasks will not require much efforts and time.

2) Figure out the real issue

When you start feeling lazy, sit back and try to understand what is really happening. Laziness is generally a problem backed by some other reason. You need to understand the reason for your laziness, and what could be the cause of your lack of motivation. Is it because you are tired, uninspired, overwhelmed or afraid of your work? Most likely, the issue is smaller than you think and can be easily resolved. Once you know the reason for your laziness, you need to address it in the best possible way and deal with your laziness effectively.

3) Set achievable goals

When you set some worthy and achievable goals, you have something to look forward to. Without setting goals, your mind will work aimlessly and become a victim of laziness after some time. But with a set of goals to look forward to, you can pick up your tasks and start with the ones that inspire you. It might be useful to maintain a personal journal of your tasks, and a vision board of your goals and dreams. When you have an inspiration to look forward to, your chances of laziness will reduce drastically.

4) Stay motivated

Sometimes, laziness occurs when you are not motivated enough to do your work. You need to motivate yourself to get up and do your job. It is very easy to stop bothering about life, but the biggest challenge is to motivate yourself and start working. Overcoming the initial inertia is the most difficult part, but once you achieve that, you can do anything and everything. You need to strengthen your motivation using various affirmations and thinking about your future. You can also overcome procrastination by staying motivated. 

Pro tip: When you feel unmotivated to work, try the 5-second rule. Close your eyes and give yourself 5 seconds to visualize the work and the benefits of completing it. This will help you understand your task and get into action quickly.

5) Think about the future

Whenever you feel lazy, spend five minutes to think about your future. When you think about the benefits you will gain if you get rid of your laziness and take the necessary action, you will be able to focus on the work. You should also think about the consequences if you miss your work. This will keep you motivated to work and avoid falling in the trap of laziness.

6) Take up one thing at a time

When you overload yourself with work, you might not be able to finish any one of them. Too many tasks at once might seem intimidating, and you may rescue to laziness to avoid the work. But if you take one task at a time and focus only on that, things would be easier to handle. You should also break up your tasks and focus on the small actionable steps, to begin with. This will motivate and keep you calm, and will not let laziness affect you.

7) Get adequate rest and sleep

While laziness in itself seems to be like rest, quite often, it occurs due to being tired or lacking energy. Too much work pressure exhausts you and drains your energy, leaving you feeling lazy and lethargic after a few hours. You need to give yourself small work breaks in between work. By breaking down your work hours, you will feel more relaxed and rested, and your work will seem less daunting. Moreover, you will feel more energetic and motivated at the end of the day. With adequate rest, it is also critical to get quality and peaceful sleeping hours. You should sleep for minimum of seven hours to avoid feeling lazy in the morning. Good sleep also helps in keeping your mind alert throughout the day.

8) Exercise

While there are innumerable benefits of exercise, the main one is to stay energized 24/7. When you get into an hour of exercise routine every day, your blood gets flowing, and your metabolism goes up. Studies have shown that regular exercise can treat the negative effects of laziness, even in middle-aged adults. This helps you stay energized throughout the day, and overcome any laziness that occurs in between your work. Exercise also helps you stay in shape and shed off the excess fat from your body, which can also be one of the causes of laziness. If you do not follow an exercise regime, it is time to start that now. Start with small steps and make an effort to exercise regularly.

9) Remove distractions and escape routes

Do you also turn to your favourite distraction when you do not feel like doing your work- whether it is scrolling through social media or cuddling your pet? This is a classic case of laziness. You need to make all these distractions less accessible during your work time. You need to find a separate space for you where you can quietly do your work, and prevent your mind from wandering aimlessly. All your focus should be on the current task, so shun off all the distractions and escape routes, to avoid laziness.

10) Make boring tasks fun

You usually succumb to laziness when the work seems boring. When you need to make an hour-long presentation or pile up a few reports, you may find it tedious and look for ways to avoid it. But work is work; even if it is tedious or boring, you need to complete it. You can make these tedious tasks a little fun by putting on soft music or listening to a motivational podcast. This way, you can add a little spark of enjoyment to some of your tedious work, and avoid laziness.

11) Reward yourself

While getting a job done is a reward in itself, you still need to motivate yourself with external rewards. When you have a reward to look forward to, your chances of getting lazy goes down. Your focus stays on the reward only. Rewards can be a simple ice cream treat to watching your favourite show or deal-breakers like getting closer to a promotion. These rewards keep you motivated to complete your tasks without succumbing to laziness. It is also one of the best ways to stop procrastinating.


Laziness isn’t always a bad thing, and everyone deserves a day off from work just to chill and doze off. However, when it becomes a habit, you need to look at ways to overcome laziness. You may need to change your lifestyle and adopt healthier habits, and also change your approach to specific tasks. By following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to restore your energy and get rid of the laziness surrounding you.