Winter Morning Routine, Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash

A Perfect Winter Morning Routine To Rejuvenate Yourself

A Perfect Winter Morning Routine To Rejuvenate Yourself

Getting out of your bed on winter mornings can be pretty difficult. It takes a strong will to leave your cozy warm blanket when your bedroom is freezing outside. Though this sounds tempting, it will help you smash your goals for the day. On the other hand, winter mornings are perfect for mental rejuvenation- the steaming mug of coffee, foggy landscape, and early sunrise contribute to a healthy winter morning.

9-step Winter Morning Routine

Winter mornings are not the same as other mornings. It is essential to follow a routine specific to winter mornings and rejuvenate yourself, and improve your health and productivity. We have created a simple winter morning routine that you can follow easily. You should also maintain the same morning routine for your winter breaks as well.

Step 1: Wake up with your alarm

Since the sun rises later in winters, you have the liberty to sleep for some more time. It is recommended to wake up with the sun. Instead of rolling over to hit the snooze button, roll over and stretch. Once you have managed to rub the sleep off your eyes, it's time for some gentle stretches. It is a great way to wake up your mind and body. Wondering how? Take a deep breath, extend your arms and legs as much as possible, try to reach your toes, raise your arms to the sky, and release the breath. This gentle stretching will release stress from the previous day and set a good mood for the coming day.

Step 2: Express gratitude

Before getting out of the bed, take a few moments to be grateful for your life. Starting your day with warm gratitude sets your intentions and a positive note for the day. Take a minute to thank God and chant a small prayer. This moment of gratitude will bring a smile to your face and keep you happy throughout the day.

Step 3: Sip on some warm water with lemon

After a night's rest, your body becomes dehydrated, and getting some water will rejuvenate your body. A few warm water sips, with fresh lemon drops, is the best way to wake up your body and mind. Instead of grabbing a coffee, trying sipping something to detox your body and mind. Moreover, lemon water also helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

Pro tip: Plan your day ahead and create your to-do list while sipping water. It will relax your mind and help you plan easily.

Step 4: Plan your day ahead

The best way to get your body moving, especially in winters, is to start your day mindfully and be ready with your action plan. Take a few moments to plan your day's course, visualize your tasks, prioritize them, and make your goals. It is one of the most preferred steps for a healthy morning routine. Read more about how to maintain a healthy morning routine and plan your day wisely.

Step 5: Get moving

It is always good to start your day with some physical workout. It helps in charging the body, getting your blood flowing, and preparing for the day ahead. A gentle yoga practice, short walk, or a quick jog, or do any exercise that suits you but do some physical activity. If you do not feel like going outside, practice some winter workouts at home to get your body active. This will recharge your muscle and joints and reduce the chances of body ache in winters. You should also spend some time in meditation or a quiet reflection of your day, to energize your mind and signal the day's start.

Step 6: Draw yourself a warm bath

The thought of taking a shower on a cold winter morning sounds unpleasant. However, a warm shower is an excellent way to energize and prepare yourself for the day ahead. According to an article in Town and Country Mag, a temperate bath makes your immunity stronger and fight off all germs from your body. Moreover, you will feel fresh and charged up for the day, thereby increasing your productivity.

Step 7: Take care of your skin

One of the most important winter morning routines is to keep your skin moisturized. Winter is a dry season, and the cold air takes away the moisture from your skin. They need some extra care as compared to other seasons. Be sure to moisturize your skin with a good lotion. You also need to keep your skin hydrated by increasing your water consumption during the day. Make sure to moisturize your hair scalp with coconut or olive oil to prevent hair flaking or dandruff. Good skincare is essential during winters.

Step 8: Have a healthy breakfast

Having a nourishing breakfast is vital to start your metabolism and give you the much-needed energy for the day. Plan your winter morning routine so that you have enough time to eat your breakfast without any hurry. This is especially for college students who are always running late for classes and skip their breakfast most of the time. You can follow our college morning routine tips so that you do not miss your breakfast. During winters, your breakfast should be a little more nutritious and less in sugar. Not only will this boost your immunity, but also keep you healthy and productive for the day.

Step 9: Get set for work

Now that you have followed all the practices for a healthy winter morning routine, you are now ready to start your day. Be it your school, college, online classes, or work from home- you are now prepared to begin your work. With an energized mind and body, you will indeed witness an improvement in your productivity.


Setting yourself up with a mindful winter morning routine makes all the difference in your day. Taking small steps like waking up early, gentle exercising, and staying mindfully awake throughout the day will surely make you feel good and keep all the laziness away. When you incorporate these tiny changes in your morning routine, you will keep yourself happy and productive.