Ultimate Healthy Morning Routine 2020 | 5 Habits to Follow

Ultimate Healthy Morning Routine 2020 | 5 Habits to Follow

Ultimate Healthy Morning Routine 2020 | 5 Habits to Follow

Starting your day with love, self-care and a dedicated routine allows you to flourish throughout the day. If you are wondering what a healthy morning routine checklist looks like, worry no more! We have laid down the five most healthy morning habits for you. By following this checklist, you are sure to start your day on a positive note and witness a significant improvement in your productivity.

Morning routine ideas to be healthier

A healthy morning routine can really energize and empower you. During the first few hours of waking up, your mind tends to shift from the subconscious sleeping stages into the conscious state of reality. It is during this time that your heart and mind are more alive and ready to soak in all that you give them. That is why it is important to start your morning on a healthy note and set the tone for the rest of the day.

According to a 2009 University of Leipzig study, ‘morning people are more proactive than the evening types’. But being an early riser is not just about waking up early, but also about giving yourself the right positive energy. To make things simple for you, we have put down the five most healthy morning routine ideas so you can start incorporating these in your life right away.

How long should your morning routine be?

Reality check: A healthy morning routine needs time which means you might have to stop snoozing your alarm and wake up right on time. The whole routine, from start to finish, adds up a few hours to your morning. However, you don’t have to survive on less sleep to complete your morning to-do list.

Beginner’s tip: Start sleeping and waking up 15 minutes earlier than usual, and adjust to this new pattern. Move your schedule further by 15 minutes again, and keep making this minor adjustment until you start waking up at the time you want. This totally depends on the pace in which you follow your morning routine checklist.

Final morning routine checklist

1) Gratitude and appreciation:

Starting your morning with gratitude and appreciation is the perfect beginning as it fills you with positive vibes to start your day on a happy note. It takes any sadness and distress by shedding light on all those things that have graced you throughout. Moreover, move this internal sense of appreciation into your physical body and witness the shift in your energy. By following this healthy practice, you will witness a new change in your productivity. There is a reason why this tops our morning to-do list.

2) Hydrate yourself:

One of the most healthy morning habits to follow is to hydrate yourself immediately after you wake up. Your body has been dehydrated during your sleep hours, and it needs to get the right amount of hydration to energize you. Get yourself a glass of plain water or lemon water, and satiate yourself. It has umpteen benefits- removing toxins from your body, speed up metabolism, improve your digestion, and boost up your energy levels.

3) Meditation:

The next step in your morning routine checklist is to wake up your mind and prepare for the day ahead. No prizes for guessing the best way to do that- meditation. Practicing meditation and conscious breathing helps you relax and restore your energy and improve your mental and emotional health. A minimum of 10 minutes is what we would suggest for meditation, as it rewires the brain to increase your happiness level. The happier you are, the better you can utilize your day.

Beginner’s tip: Find a quiet and comfortable place, and simply start with three deep breaths. Visualize yourself exhaling all your stress and inhaling fresh oxygen, filled with positivity. Go slow in the beginning and form your own pace as you go forward.

4) Exercising:

You have got your headspace right; now it is time for some physical activity. Exercising is a great way to get your energy flowing for the day and set your pace right. A quick workout is a really good healthy morning routine idea, as it adds a rush of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine- all feel-good chemicals to boost your mood. This way, your body gets prepared to take on whatever tasks you have for the day.

Workout suggestions: Start with brisk walking and running, and move on to a mix of yoga and HIIT and make the most out of this healthy morning routine. During COVID times, your gym may not be open, therefore doing air squats, push ups, or burpees will do. To get a quick boost of energy, try some jumping jacks. 

Bonus tip: Put on your favorite song to go along with your morning exercise!


5) Plan the day ahead:

After the energizing workout, it's time now to plan for the day ahead. This is a crucial morning to-do list activity, as it helps you ponder on your tasks for the day. Write down your goals for the day, and make a detailed plan on achieving those. Organize your work according to the priorities, and get started with your plan.

Beginner’s tip: Use a paper-based planner and organize your schedule, goals, tasks, and other notes in one place. This will give you a clear picture of how your day looks.

Bonus tip: Figure out your 3 most important priorities for the day, and figure out how to get those done first. If you’re nervous about anything in your day, visualize it going the best way possible.


All that said, the above healthy morning routine is intended to be followed with dedication to witness the difference. You might not have thought of yourself as the person who could achieve this entire morning routine checklist- right from workout to planning- but all it takes is an hour of your life. You don’t have to change your routine dramatically in a day, but take baby steps and be consistent in your routine. As it starts to pay off, you will surely witness the positive changes in your life. So, embrace this change and become a new you.